This is a grant-based position lasting 6 months/24 weeks.


Localize is an award-winning company that brings better information about where food has come from to shoppers. We provide our label service to over 250 grocery stores across Canada. We have offices in both Edmonton and Toronto. Localize won the Fast Growth Grand Prize in 2014 at the Venture Prize awards in Alberta, a Good Deals Canada award in 2013 as best social business case, and our CEO Meghan Dear was recently honored with a Star Women in Grocery Award.

We’re a collaborative, easygoing, and motivated team. We make educated decisions quickly and know we can count on each other. We feel good about the work we’re doing every day, share in our successes, and learn from things that don’t go as planned. We are a tight-knit team that enjoy each other’s company and are really into local food and businesses. Learn more about our team here and Localize here


You’re a confident, outgoing, analytical person with a passion for food, sustainability, and results. You are at heart a scientist – you seek to understand the world in a methodological way. If you have a question that needs answered you know exactly which variables you want to test for and which you need to control. You also can set up an experiment in your sleep and patiently watch the results roll-in.

You know that the road to saving the Earth is through consumers’ stomachs. Locality, sustainability and environmental impact are encoded on the food that we eat and you want to encourage people to start shopping smarter. Do certifications on labels have the most impact on shoppers? Will displaying the city a product was manufactured in increase sales? Will increasing the size of the label make consumers feel better about the store they bought it in? You need the answers to these questions.

As the Customer Impact Analyst you will be in charge of optimizing Localize into the most important and impactful shelf edge sales tool in the world. You will test the efficacy of Localize’s in-store labels and marketing collateral within grocery stores by measuring their layout, design and placement. You will be responsible for determining creative methods to test these materials’ impact on sales, customer sentiment and grocer satisfaction. You will need to be capable of tracking multiple studies in multiple locations recording multiple results.

  • Design impact studies: You will be responsible for developing a methodology to test the impact that Localize as a shelf edge program has on sales, customers, and retailers. This will involve establishing hypotheses, gathering resources, recruitment and devising mechanisms to capture results. This may involve testing the specific layout of design of a label or may be testing the effectiveness of digital labels.
  • Execute Studies You will be responsible for executing the studies that you have designed. This may involve travelling to retail locations in Canada and the United States to collect your results in person.
  • Present and Interpret results: Once you have performed your studies you will need to be able to communicate the results to the rest of Localize. You will be able to interpret what you’ve learned and use it to craft another study or to make a suggestion that will positively impact Localize and our clients.


  1. Developing methodologies that can test the impact of our labeling and marketing collateral materials in grocery stores.
  2. Devising mechanisms to collect results from these studies.
  3. Presenting the results from these studies to Localize or our clients. These presentations should provide suggestions for improving the Localize program.
  4. Once the results from a study have been collected, preparing follow-up studies that iterate on these results.
  5. Potentially have the ability to travel for short periods of time across Canada or the United States.
  6. Recruitment of participants to take part in the studies that you have designed.
  7. Preparing budgets and/or resource allocation plans that will be necessary for your study.
  8. Managing multiple concurrent studies across multiple geographical locations, each with a potentially different focus;


  • Has degree or diploma in a scientific, social science or business field
  • Understands or has experience with conducting studies, especially those that require sales analysis or customer impact. This candidate must be able to determine what they want to study, what methodologies they will use to study it, and how they will collect their results.
  • A graphic design background would be considered an asset. This will come in handy if iterating on the effectiveness of a label.
  • Is capable of and has a demonstrated background in researching, analyzing and synthesizing solutions to complex business problems. Once they have collected their results they’ll know how to act on them or what needs further study.
  • Is friendly, approachable, flexible and outgoing.
  • Possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and strong leadership qualities.
  • Is invested in creating a positive environmental impact at home and at work
  • Loves food and genuinely cares where it comes from and how it’s produced.
  • Is self-motivated, requires little oversight and can demonstrate leadership
  • Is technically savvy and can understand the operations and capabilities of business applications
  • Is a strong writer and competent in Microsoft Office suite and Google applications.
  • Is confident gathering project requirements by directly interviewing a diverse group of stakeholders


• Organized – We often run multiple projects at a time. Instead of being frightened of managing small projects, you’ll embrace the challenge.

• Proactive – We move fast, so we need someone smart, inquisitive, and can take initiative on the projects they are working on.

• Team Player – You work well in groups and when multiple people and ideas are involved and can have fun. The ability to have fun and laugh with our team is a prerequisite.

• Important! – For granting purposes:You are under 30. You are unemployed at the time of placement, Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee, legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations. Not in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits (this does not apply if you are participating in the Employment Services component of Skills Link). In need of assistance in order to overcome employment barriers.


Email a resume and cover letter to Bob Evans at bob@localizeyourfood.com. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Please submit your application before Monday August 1st 2016.