RUN-WithIT - Bot Builders

RUN-WithIT brings realism at scale into the middle of development teams working on projects that range from web to embedded/device, even global scale live media satellite systems.  Our mission is to provide complete insight into critical risks, allow teams to solution against the future, and redefine both the velocity and certainty of done.  

We are looking for IT professionals with experience and expertise in ops, programming and analyst roles to contribute to our rapidly growing operations.  We are a diverse team that roll up our virtual sleeves together from a variety of home, co-working, and client spaces to work daily with motivated, innovative client dev teams locally and around the world.

For the past three years, RUN-WithIT has been making exponential workforces of AI-driven bots that use software and systems as synthetic customers. These bots create the realistic user activity and scale that systems will face in the field, a digital twin of production. Engineering teams continuously try, fail, fix and repeat against the digital twin -- and deploy systems that work. It's a unique, engaging, and fun way for teams to learn, grow, perform, and deploy great software.  The impact can be profound - proving architecture as they go, eliminating rework and firefighting, reducing test/qa timelines, and the list goes on.   RUN-WithIT completed 2.4 billion synthetic customer hours of this for our clients in 2016 and we are on track for over 400 billion in 2017.

The Job(s):

Synthetic Customer Environment Ops

  • Configure and optimize systems, primarily linux
  • Set up and run experiments, collect results and artifacts
  • Monitor and maintain continuously-running, at scale bot-driven environments

Bot Development Specialist

  • Design and develop bots that create realistic user and system activity at scale
  • Extend the Reactor(TM) API for AI-driven bot development
  • Develop in a variety of languages and extend Reactor(TM) programming language integration

Performance Analyst

  • Align experiments with priorities
  • Communicate conclusions and outcomes, propose next steps
  • Plot, track, and communicate progress


  • Schedule engagement and experiment activities
  • Contribute to the Reator(TM) roadmap
  • Establish strategic customer roadmaps

If you are passionate about performance, like running code everyday, share an intense curiosity about technology of all types, and see genius in simplicity, we’d love to chat.

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