Localize - Database Relations Manager – Agriculture

Part-time or Full-time position

$40,000 per annum

Start Date: Jan 31st 2018

Localize is obsessed with bringing local data to life for grocery stores. Our data is used by grocery stores for e-commerce and on-shelf labels to highlight products that connect with customers values like locality, social impact, and sustainability. 

We are fast-paced, innovative and metric-driven, with a team that is focused and fun.

Our Edmonton office is located in the cherished Mercer Building next to the new Rogers Stadium.  Our office is in the midst of some amazing start-up companies and you’ll be sure to meet other entrepreneurs and enjoy the atmosphere here.

We are looking for someone to work in a government grant program:

To qualify, an eligible employee must be, before starting the project:

·       Between the ages of 15 and 30

·       Have graduated in the last three calendar years from a university, college or CEGEP

·       Not have participated in any other Youth Employment Strategy programs before

·       Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

·       Be agriculturally focused – want experience in the agriculture/food industry

What is the role?

The role of Agriculture Database Relations Manager at Localize is the main point of contact with our community of food manufacturers. The core responsibility is maintaining profile information about hundreds of these food manufacturers who work with Localize or who qualify for our services.

This role involves regular communication with food producers and manufacturers across Canada and the United States. You are a people person, are not afraid of giving an elevator pitch, and demonstrate strong verbal, written, and communication skills. You’ll be on the phone frequently to recruit and to engage food businesses to update their profiles.

A love for food, food producers, farmers, and the food system, in general, is a huge asset to this work. You can see the big picture of what Localize is doing and what we’re about and can easily translate this into day-to-day judgment around what details are collected from food producers and how. In short, you can see both the forest and the trees.

Qualities of a Database Relations Manager:

Communication skills – experience in other communication roles (e.g. customer service)

Time Management skills – the ability to balance and prioritize multiple tasks efficiently and quickly. Being fast is an asset.

Pleasant on the phone– confidence when calling contacts in the food sector, the ability to draft up visually appealing and well written emails, ability communicate a specific idea that motivates someone to action and think on your feet

A related passion – a passion about something that drives you to want to work with Localize and make positive change (e.g. environment, animal welfare, local economy, the strength of the agriculture industry, food integrity, etc.)

An opportunistic outlook – the drive to constantly look for how to do things more effectively, and the willingness to test out those ideas, learning and improving as you go

Internal leadership – the willingness and desire to step up when there’s something to be done and take it on, even when it feels outside of your comfort zone

Attention to detail and results – You are able to use data to help you track your work and identify what’s working and what needs to change.

General Duties:

Profile maintenance – Our vendor data needs updating and upkeep. Whether it’s changes in ownership information, product inventory, or simply verifying everything is the same — touch points are needed to ensure the accuracy of information. This requires you to login, call the vendor and update information.

Recruitment – Bringing new vendors on-board and assisting them through the process of completing their profile.

●       Ownership – check online to see if can find any evidence of change of ownership (in the media)

●       Website – search for company website to see if they put any info about the company that would help with their profile e.g. Sandy's potato company is a third generation family owned farm

●       Certification claims – check against lists provided, do quick search on publicly available sites e.g. Kosher can search on their site

●       If their profile seems really sketchy, a phone call is definitely worthwhile. Can also request an image of their packaging to verify claims.


●      You’ll find that Localize vendors are very kind, but also very busy. Often the reason they are not getting back to you is because they have a million things on the go.

●      It is important to be sympathetic, but always keep nudging them towards completing their profile. Share which stores we will highlight their products in and the mission/value behind the Localize program.

●      Calling can sometimes feel intimidating, but it is often the most effective way to get a vendor to complete a task.

Physcial Requirements:

Individuals may need to sit or stand as needed. May require walking primarily on a level surface for periodic periods throughout the day. Reaching above shoulder heights, below the waist or lifting as required to file documents or store materials throughout the work day. Proper lifting techniques required. May include lifting up to 25 pounds for files, computer printouts, and merchandise on occasion. Primary environment: ambient room temperatures, lighting and traditional office equipment as found in a typical office environment.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

Flexible Hours

Part Time options available

$40,000 per year