We are growing and looking for more technical pioneers to join our team!  If you are passionate about performance, like running code everyday, share an intense curiosity about technology, look forward to solving novel problems of all types, and see genius in code simplicity, we’d love to chat.


RUNWITHIT Synthetics (RWI) is leading the development and application of Synthetic Intelligence. RWI Synthetics are AI-driven agents who learn, observe, plan and respond creatively and who can be coordinated at exponential scale to use other software and systems realistically.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics' clients use Synthetic Intelligence Environments to answer critical, high value questions about the emergent behaviour of their systems. Our clients range from web/mobile SaaS to A.I. and embedded technologies, even live media TV satellite and set top systems. With up to 10's of millions of customized domain specific edge entities, RWI clients challenge and observe their entire systems experiencing any conceivable at-scale scenario driven from every sensor, interface, and edge. RWI also instruments these environments and furnishes access to 10's of thousands of live metrics/second, big data for detailed system analytics, assessment, and solutioning. This “inhuman” capability enables RUNWITHIT Synthetics' clients to de-risk their future and deliver flawless, fast.

RWI started in 2014 and our growth is fuelled by our award winning, global leading tech clients. We are on track to deliver 4 trillion synthetic hours in 2018, up from 378 billion in 2017. In 2018, RWI Co Founders became Qualified Nominees for Canada's most prestigious Ernst C. Manning Innovation awards, which celebrates commercially successful disruptive innovation. Founded by a female and an indigenous guy, we live diversity everyday and embrace it in our team.


Synthetics Customer Environment Ops

  • Configure and optimize systems, primarily linux

  • Set up and run experiments, collect results and artifacts
  • Monitor and maintain continuously-running, at scale synthetic-driven environments

Synthetics Development Specialist

  • Design and develop entities that create realistic user and system activity at scale
  • Extend the Reactor(TM) API for AI-driven synthetic development
  • Develop in a variety of languages and extend Reactor(TM) programming language integration

Synthetics Analyst

  • Align experiments with priorities
  • Interpret data, create compelling visualizations, communicate conclusions and outcomes, propose next steps
  • Plot, track, and communicate progress


  • Schedule engagement and experiment activities
  • Contribute to the Reactor(TM) roadmap
  • Establish strategic customer roadmaps


Job Type: Full-time

Salary Range to start: $70,000 to $90,000/year

Workplace:  Fully remote - we work mostly from home and collaborate constantly online

We are doing something completely different, rewarding, and fun.  We have shifted everything completely left, bringing the actual field, using all kinds of layered A.I. into the middle of development and enabling unprecedented insight into emergent system behaviour.  It is a synthesis of many disciplines that enables us to answer previously unanswerable questions.  And the best part, we get to work closely with the greatest clients who care deeply about technology that works.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover or other inquiries to:


We are currently hiring 3 new team members.