AltaML - Director of Data Science

About company

AltaML is a fast-growing startup that focuses on applied ML. We partner with industry to co-develop AI/ML powered products. We are experts in ML commercialization and help our industrial partners gain a competitive advantage by combining their data and domain expertise with our analytics and ML proficiency. Our Downtown office is located in the heart of the innovation district. Data informs our every move, and we aim to work quickly, collaboratively and creatively. 

Who we are looking for:

Our core values speak volumes about who we are and how we work:

Humble – Listen to the data
Happy – Tap-dance to work
Gritty – Be persistent, not complacent
Agile – Make small bets, then iterate

Our current and future employees:

  • express our core values

  • are hungry for knowledge

  • want to learn new skills

  • are respectful

  • collaborate with others across the whole company

  • share knowledge with coworkers

  • educate and promote AI and ML concepts both internally and externally

  • have a high work ethic and are self-motivated

What we have to offer for you

You will be able to experience a silicon valley like company culture. Your work will be applied and will have a high impact on our clients and Alberta’s economy. We work with multiple industries so you will gain experience and domain expertise working on data that comes from different fields. You will be working with people with multiple years of industrial and academic experience in data science, software engineering, and machine learning fields. To solve the problems we apply various ML techniques from traditional Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms, through to vision, Deep Learning, Information Extraction, advanced NLP and conversational agents. 

We also have fun. We believe in working hard, getting the job done and enjoying a beer on Fridays. You’ll also get flexibility in where you work, what hours you work, how much vacation you take, and what you wear. We expect hard work but respect work/life balance.

Job role:

As Director of Data Science you play a crucial role in making sure we grow our team and develop best practices to advance ML projects and deliver value to customers. Your primary responsibilities will be to manage and mentor a team of Data Scientists and to make sure we have a high performing culture and best work practices. You will work with a team of talented Data Scientists and will be responsible for making sure the team grows and people are progressing in their careers.


  • Set the direction for building a high performing culture of data scientists and ML engineers

  • Create the best possible environment for applied research and development.

  • Provide mentorship and supervision to the Data Science team

  • Be a community leader that promotes the company and ML/AI

  • Oversee the team budget

Minimum Requirements:

  • 8+ years of relevant academic and industrial experience

  • Degree in Comp Sci, Comp Eng, Statistics, or related field

  • Experience in managing Data Science teams

  • Experience in conducting and managing AI/ML projects

  • Expertise with Machine Learning and Data Mining concepts and techniques