AltaML - Office Manager

Janalta Interactive/AltaML is a technology business with two divisions - one in online media and one in machine learning located in downtown Edmonton.

Our core values speak volumes about who we are and how we work:

  • Humble – Listen to the data

  • Happy – Tap-dance to work

  • Gritty – Be persistent, not complacent

  • Agile – Make small bets, then iterate

General Purpose of the Role: Our business is growing rapidly and we need someone to ensure the little things don't get missed!

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

1) Office Management

Our office has grown to a point that we need someone ensuring things are running smoothly so everyone can tackle their specific jobs without the distractions of trying to manage the office. Tasks will vary according to need but some examples are monitoring supply levels, monitoring incoming requests, planning staff retreats and parties, communicating with building management and the landlord.

2) HR Systems Management

There are ongoing tasks that relate to the HR systems such as keeping the HR software up to date but the majority of tasks fall during the staff onboarding period. With current staff levels at 42 and plans to go to 75 in the next year there will be a lot of onboarding.

3) Office Renovation

We are outgrowing our current office space quickly and will need to likely move to another downtown location in about one year. Before we do so, the new space will be undergoing a complete renovation. There will be a lot of decisions to make and research needed to make those decisions. Assisting with the research aspect will be a key aspect of this job.

4) Executive Assistant

As is typical with startups, the owners take on any and all jobs. Now that we are getting bigger and report to a Board of Directors we need some help with some of these tasks that land in our laps. While we can’t outline specifics of where this aspect of the role will go we can promise it will be interesting!

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Solid knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive

  • Solid computer experience that demonstrates the ability to learn new systems quickly

  • Job experience or education that involved interaction with customers

  • Quickbooks experience is a bonus

Core Competencies:

At Janalta we provide significant flexibility to our staff with work hours and vacations. A high level of mutual respect must be formed early on to ensure this situation is successful.  We are looking for an individual who shows solid initiative and desire to learn and who hits the ground running as soon as they hit their desk in the morning. We need someone with a maturity to be able to deal with corporate clients but also someone able to fit in to a fun and unique work environment.