Scope AR - Dev Ops




Scope AR is revolutionizing the way people work by putting knowledge where you need it, when you need it. We accomplish this through the use of frontier technologies leveraging Augmented Reality (AR). We believe that AR is a transformative user interface, enabling workers to communicate more efficiently and complete work more effectively. As one of the original innovators in the Enterprise AR space, we’ve been doing this longer than anyone and are particularly well suited to take advantage of the latest innovations and hardware coming from companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Working at Scope AR provides you the opportunity to create products that have a real and major impact on the way products around the global get created and how work gets done. Lockheed-Martin, for example, uses our products as part of their work to build the next NASA spacecraft, Orion.

But we’re only as good as the people on our team! If being part of a ground-breaking technological revolution sounds cool to you, we’re always looking for extremely talented people to join the team, so read on!

As a DevOps, you will be responsible for scaling and securing server and network infrastructure or our services, both for the Scope AR Cloud and for on-premise installations, often for large, security conscious customers.  You will play a key role in delivering the services our software depends upon, and be essential to our success.


    • Work with development teams to automate and streamline releases of our mission-critical distributed systems.

    • Based on our customers’ needs, design infrastructure configurations, both for our hosted services and for on-premise installations. 

    • Anticipate changes to infrastructure to meet customers’ changing needs.

    • Write scripts to automate installations, maintenance, migrations, etc.

    • Maintain, troubleshoot and administer VMs and networks for our hosted infrastructure.

    • Improve our Docker Swarm configuration set up for high availability and scalability to support our products.

    • Improve and execute on security policies.  Identify and resolve security issues.

    • Run scans, and harden server images, configuration, networks and environments.

    • Monitor services infrastructure performance; analyze issues, recommend and implement changes.

    • Automate testing of configuration and scripts

    • Load / stress test configurations.

    • Create and run tests to determine scaling characteristics

    • Document DevOps processes: develop standards to guide operations, support and maintenance

    • Work with our customer to establish suitable network configurations and security policies to run our software.

    • Provide top tier support for on-premise installations

    • Respond to security and infrastructure questions

    • Plan and execute on meeting compliance requirements.

Required Skills

    • Very good Linux knowledge

    • Linux server scripting skills, especially bash and higher level languages, such as Python.

    • Automating installations.

    • Network configuration, setting firewall rules and other security policies

    • AWS management, especially configuring VPCs, and using IAM.

    • Working with Docker, Docker compose and Docker swarm.

    • Database scaling and clustering.

    • Scaling servives and network infrastructure in a cloud or data centre environment.

    • Managed microservice-based service at scale.

    • How to monitor service performance, and automate scaling up or down.

    • How to monitor for security issues in an AWS environment.

Bonus Skills

    • Familiar with red/black deployments

    • Experience with other AWS services, such as Aurora

    • Experience with non-AWS cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure.

    • Comfortable scripting in Python and/or Ruby

    • Experience with Chef / Puppet.

    • Experience working in a SOC 2, ISO27001, and other compliance environments

If you have the skills above, work hard and want to help us succeed, we'd love to hear from you.

We're growing our team quickly, so if you like solving hard problems, want to have real influence at work and have the skills listed above, we'd love to hear from you!