Testfire Labs - Data Scientists

We're currently filling multiple Data Scientist positions - apply today!

Do you want to fundamentally improve the way people do business, to make it more fun and productive? We're seeking Data Scientists to join our small team and make a big difference.

Testfire Labs is a fast-growing nimble startup building innovative products and services that take advantage of the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, with a particular focus on workplace productivity. Our current flagship product, Hendrix.ai, leverages natural language processing and machine learning to automatically capture meeting notes and optimize organizational outcomes. Continuous learning is a must; you will be growing professionally alongside the company in this rapidly growing industry.

You’ll need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, wearing different hats at times, where the solutions aren’t always predefined. You are energized by this challenge, ready to roll up your sleeves and a blast to work with. Our core team culture is the belief in a 'people-first' approach. Amazing people, building the right things for our awesome users, in the right way, working sane hours and enjoying working life balance. We expect great things from our people and we invest in return with: 

  • Training, conferences, and collaboration with the best talent

  • Great benefits and health allowances

  • RRSP matching and profit sharing

  • Social events, flex hours, and earned perks

Our data science team focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence problems in the area of natural language processing including speech recognition, natural-language understanding, concept extraction and natural-language generation. We aim to foster an engaged and passionate culture, that combines research with real world problems to create great products and services that are continually improving, fueling ambitious creativity and leading to innovative research breakthroughs.



  • Performing literature reviews in areas of focus, as well as conducting original research, and presenting state-of-the-art findings to the team

  • Live in a fast paced environment with a high degree of ambiguity and love the thrill of the discovery of the next problem, strategy, and opportunity

  • Develop and maintain AI services that can be incorporated into our products

  • Continually imagine, design, execute experiments to improve the AI services used in our products

  • Assist our development teams in integrating AI into our products

  • Maintain high ethical standards at all times, ensuring the security of our users data and the privacy of our users



  • A degree in CS, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics or related field

  • Knowledge of machine learning and/or statistics

  • Knowledge of computer science fundamentals (data structure, algorithm) 

  • Experience in speech recognition and/or NLP (particularly entity recognition, relationship extraction, question answering, summarization and/or natural language generation)

  • Experience with Python and JavaScript


Bonus Points

  • Masters or PhD

  • Experience with real-time media processing

  • Experience with IBM Watson, Azure Cognitive Service or similar services

  • Experience with Tensorflow, CNTK or similar frameworks

  • Experience with R and/or TypeScript

  • Experience with data visualization

  • Contributions to opensource projects



If you think you're the person Testfire needs, please send us an email with your resume and LinkedIn and/or GitHub profile to careers@testfirelabs.com. Only those who meet our criteria will be contacted. Testfire Labs is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer that values diversity.