TALENT Membership @ Startup Edmonton

2018-2019 Talent Membership _ Final.jpg

More than a pipeline of students, our Talent Membership lays the foundation for you to create meaningful relationships with students throughout their academic careers, help shape the skills they need to be successful new hires for your team, and inspire them to stay and develop in Edmonton.

In addition to interactions with students, your involvement in the Talent Membership is a great way to grow your team, encourage professional development and peer-to-peer connections through our massive network of community events. Plus, it's your best way to access our Job Board to share the word about opportunities at your company. 

2018-2019 Talent Membership _ Final.jpg
2018-2019 Talent Membership _ Final.jpg

Are you a student looking to connect with hiring companies? 

We have an entire website dedicate to our Student Membership, events, and opportunities to find your place in our city's growing startup community. 

Being part of the community at Startup Edmonton has been really helpful to the development of our startup. We learned a lot going through the student summer program that helped us shape our product and company.
— Michael Wilson, Co-Founder/CEO, OMx